I had the realization the other night, after buying a new non-technical book, that bookstores don’t give out bookmarks anymore.
I can’t remember when the last time I got a bookmark with a book, since I moved to Virginia, but I do remember San Diego Technical Books (SDTB), the old downtown store was one of my favorite bookstores of all time, and they had the best bookmarks. The bookmarks at SDTB were perfect, the right size, the right thickness, everything was just right about them.
Now you go to a bookstore and they don’t give you a bookmark, but I also didn’t ask, but I’m sure that the would have offered to sell me. So my guess is that some MBA somewhere came up with an amazing plan to save the bookstores big $’s by cutting out bookmarks, and I guess that tenth of a cent per bookmark really adds up over a year to a few grand…
I don’t remember exactly when I stopped getting bookmarks, but I sure do miss them, especially the SDTB bookmarks….