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iPhone App Page of Death

So here’s the list of leaving my iPhone in the near future… Every app on my iPhone goes to the death page awaiting execution, to date no app has been granted a pardon….

Okay I can’t let go of this one, it was so totally awesome, I can only hope that whatever Sirius comes up with is half as good as this.

ASCII art shop lite
I’ve been meaning to purge this one for a while, has some ok image processing, but nothing that compelled me to pay for the full version, or keep this one.

Ok I really don’t need to have wikipedia pages read to me, when I read some of the initial reviews, HearPlanet sounded pretty cool. In reality I’ll pass, the speach is ok but not great, then the removal of all images takes more away…

Since there is a lot of entries that I found that have been closed for years. I think I’m just going to stick with urbanspoon.

Chop Sushi
Not that impressed, controls are funky, even for my 12 year old son.

Annoying annoying music, controls don’t really work, and did I mention the annoying music. It’s rock paper sissors… Not something I desire to online.

I did several recordings like they say to do, then I lied to it told the truth lied again told the truth, and essentially had the same results.

It’s over so why keep it, besides I’m not that into golf, mainly wanted to see how they handled their implementation.

XRayFX Lite
Ok it’s a cute novelty app, but that’s about it. Good for a couple of pranks at the bar.


Not feeling the whole, twitter thing…
Don’t need to know that much about anyone. Now that oprah and eric the ack acktor are twittering, I’m sure this fad is doomed.


Apps On Their Way Out

These are the latest apps, that will be departing my iPhone in the near future…
All but one are leaving because they are pretty much useless.
uSirius is leaving because it essentially doesn’t exist anymore, it was a great idea that got squashed by corporate stupidity…


I guess I should add that the ones going away are TagReader, SeaDragon and MoodPhone