I just found this a couple of days ago, even though it has been out for a while.
The app is SnapTell fir the iPhone. All you need to do is take a picture of any book, CD, or DVD, and SnapTell will search for the item, and give you multiple sources to purchase the item, either online or locally…
No need to use a barcode, ISBN, of title… You don’t even actually need to have the actual item in hand, my first search was actually a picture taken from my screen of the book Top Fat to Fish. I have not tried it yet nut I’d be willing to bet it would work off of a picture taken off of a tv…
What I have found is that it doesn’t find photography magazines, fans, or cans of Barq’s root beer, but can find Venture Brothers season 1 DVD, and tell you where you can find it locally if you have that urgent itch that needs scratching… It will also point you to any wiki entries as well as IMDB entries for DVD’s…

Annoying apple

iPity The Whiners

The other day I downloaded a cool little app called iPity, all this thing does is says Mr. T sayings at random or you can select a specific saying should the need arise. I don’t know about you, but I think everyone can use Mr. T as a backup.
Then the other day I was wandering through the app store, and notice that iPity’s rating was down from 5 stars to 2, and I’m thinking WTF could make an app drop like that. Well all the whining was over the fact the the people that wrote the app have done 2 things, they made it free pissing off all the people who paid a dollar, and they added advertising without saying anything. Come on people freaking get over it, the guys that wrote the thing are entitled to some compensation, and yes it was sneaky to throw the ads in without saying anything, but Mr. T still has your back, and that is important. So is going from 5 stars to 2 really necessary, when it is essentially the same app…
Quit whining and get some nuts!!!
Can’t do the ad screen correctly because I’m on a plane, so there’s your solution, use ipity in airplane mode


Not AroundMe

So on my drive up to Philly, around Salsbury MD, I decided that I wanted some coffee, along the lines of a “Triple Venti Mocha”, but I wanted something besides Starbucks (FYI there is a grand total of 1 Starbucks on the eastern shore). So I grabbed my handy iPhone and launched “AroundMe” and looked up coffee, digging thru the many Dunkin Donuts, there were several choices. Two were way out of my way, one was right off the freeway, but it was closed weekends, and the two others that were listed were/are apparently out of business, phone disconnected. I decided to extend the the search further North, when the only thing that pops up is the Starbucks in Seaford, the same Starbucks that closed about 6 months ago.
This puts my faith in “AroundMe” in question, as the one time I really needed it, going to try a few lookups around areas I know and try again, but 6 month old data makes me question the data.