Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious!

Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious! and he’s going to spend millions of Virginia Beach Taxpayer trying to woo Amazon to open their new “Co-Headquarters” in Virginia Beach. That will never happen, because Amazon wants:

  • The company wants to be near a metropolitan area with more than a million people. (Ok they do meet that one)
  • It’s looking to attract top technical talent. (really, not really a tech hub)
  • It wants to be within 45 minutes of an international airport.(you really can’t fly from ORF to anywhere, without changing planes)
  • It’s looking for direct access to mass transit.(Nope, not even if the “Tide” was built to the oceanfront already)
  • It needs 8 million square feet to expand its headquarters in the next decade – roughly the same size as its current base in Seattle, which has 33 buildings, 23 restaurants and 40,000 workers.(Think about it… Add >20,000 vehicles to Virginia Beach’s crappy roads)

While in contrast,

  • Northern Virginia has more a million people handy…
  • Northern Virginia has a large tech community to draw from…
  • Northern Virginia has 2 Airports that actually fly directly to Seattle, and third nearby…
  • Northern Virginia has an existing Mass Transit system…
  • Northern Virginia has an ass ton of available office space…

So if you live in Virginia Beach, you should let your city council members and your Mayor, know how you feel, and that the city should focus on real needs like flood prevention, fixing the paralyzing traffic, and the myriad of other issues that are causing hardships for the taxpayers, you know important things like an Arena for NBA and/or NHL teams that will never come, maybe Arena football…



Stuck as a captive audience in ATL with CNN on almost every screen, and I see promo after promo for non news programming, cooking shows, travel shows, cooking travel shows, gardening shows…

Are they going the way of MTV, and not having any news on their channels fake or otherwise, just like MTV has no music on its channels…

Thinking their fake news scam is just a promotional stunt, because we all know there’s no such thing as bad publicity…


Test please



Taco Thursday


Its 6PM on Thursday night in Kenbridge and the constant hum of the generator at the supertest gas station on Broad St, can only mean on thing…

Its Taco Thursday

“Tacos El Milagro” is another simple joy that comes with living in Kenbridge and Southside (the best side) Virginia


What a Dolt!

Could DeBlasio be a bigger moron, intentional bombings aimed at civilians, are by definition terroristic acts…

Bombing believed to be intentional

Guessing this doesn’t have anything to do with his statements…