Hypocrisy of Howard

I’ve been listening to since he came to San Diego, with a short hiatus when I relocated to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, until he became available on satellite. I have really enjoyed all these years, but it is becoming increasingly hard to put up with the increasingly formulaic show.

Lately I have noticed more and more that Howard has become a huge hypocrite, and doesn’t use the same standards on himself as he uses on other… For example On December 6th he talks on how great the whole full disclosure campaign that wikileaks is imposing on the worlds governments and corporations, and how the people have the right to know what goes on in confidence, but when the CFO of Sirius discusses what may or may not happen with Howard’s contract negotiations, the CFO is vilified for an hour. What I want to know is why is Howard’s confidentiality is more sacred then everyone else’s. I would also like to know what happened to the shows of the first couple years that would go on for 5+ hours, now it’s 3 very structured blocks of roughly an hour, followed by roughly an hour of robins news and out the door right around 10:30, and let’s not forget about the commercials… Didn’t we used to hear that the show wasn’t dependent on commercials, but it seems we hear a lot more “we have to go to commercial”, which is 10 minutes every hour, including bumpers…

When the time comes in January to renew my annual contract with Sirius, I’m probably going to pass on another year of price increases… The programming on the music channels is sounding more and more like the terrestrial garbage, that I came to satellite to get away from… Then there’s all those “promises” that were made during the merger, unified receivers with unified programming, and MLB on Sirius and NFL on XM, which also doesn’t seem to be happening, since sirius recently renewed the contract with the NFL but nothing has been said about it’s availability on the XM receivers.

I think I’m just done with them, and I’ll go with iTunes content…

Annoying Service

Waiting again

Waiting again 45 minutes…

The skylight in the waiting room…

The exam room, after I fell asleep only to wake up 30 minutes later…

Still waiting…
Finally found someone, and I was given the standard excuse that there was someone “really sick” that they were working with… It was the medical standard way of saying we overbooked, and now were trying to make you feel bad for being pissed for being ignored…..

What do you think the response from this office will be, if I walk in 45 minutes late for my next appointment, and tell them I was really busy, working on something for my boss…
It will be, sorry you’re going to have to reschedule, and were going to have to charge you for an office visit…

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Location:State Route 615,Virginia Beach,United States


No More Mozy

They have had their chance, and now I’m done with Mozy, and switching the rest of my offsite back to Backblaze, no more reticulating splines for me.

My MacBook’s performance was abysmal, until I looked to see what was going on, and I find that mozy is consuming massive resources and not doing anything. I pull up the status only to see that mozy is doing its ever popular reticulating splines, and not doing much of anything else, so I let it run over night, and I do see some success that is has started doing its thing and I don’t think anything of it until the next day or so when I notice the amount that is being backed up, 12.6 GB. That may or may not seem like a lot to you, but considering how much I use this machine it is a lot somewhere around 25% of the user data, so I send off an email to mozy tech support, asking why this would happen, that one apparently disappeared into a blackhole,

Mozy Status Screen

I’m busy for the next couple of weeks, and hardly have a chance to use the MacBook, but when I do it seems to be working ok for the most part when I use the machine, but then I notice the status message that mozy has now chosen to back up about half the data on the machine by size.

Mozy Statsu screen backing up way too much

I fire off another query to mozy, kind of pissed that I have not heard from them, when I see the following

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 9.48.03 PM.png

So I go to the website and open a chat, I get some help in that they respond, and ask for my logs file, which I send, and Im told they’ll get back to me in a few, and when they do get back to me in a few I am told that they are still waiting on my logs, I have since removed mozy from my computer, and told them I am thinking of getting rid of mozy. Now I have been sent several emails from various people at mozy trying to “solve” my problem. I figure I’ll give them one more chance, and do a reinstall of the mozy software, do a reboot and let it rip, and after about 20 minutes of churning I get the following.

MOzy Connection Error

Thats the last straw…
Over the summer I had an issue on my iMac with BackBlaze, that was a bit like this one where the machine was churning and churning, 2 days and 3 or 4 emails later problem solved and Backblaze has been working like a charm since.

Annoying iPhone

Why Do They Let Ballmer Speak in Public

In this AP Article, Steve Ballmer makes the following statement:

“Let’s face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone,” Ballmer said. “That’s why they’ve got 75,000 applications — they’re all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone.”

Now one of the marketing strategy’s Microsoft uses, is that there are so many more applications for windows then there are for the Mac. So does that mean that Steve Ballmer is saying that the Mac is the better computer for the Internet, because it needs less applications to make the Internet look decent…

fun Irony media

The Irony Of Walmart

The other day, I was visiting my favorite website ever,, when I noticed something a little funky about the ads I was seeing. There’s just something fundamentally wrong with Brooks Brothers and Anne Taylor ads on a People Of Walmart.

Irony Of Walmart
Irony Of Walmart

Interesting that a day or so after I pulled the screenshot, the ads weren’t so high end anymore…