Taco Thursday


Its 6PM on Thursday night in Kenbridge and the constant hum of the generator at the supertest gas station on Broad St, can only mean on thing…

Its Taco Thursday

“Tacos El Milagro” is another simple joy that comes with living in Kenbridge and Southside (the best side) Virginia


What a Dolt!

Could DeBlasio be a bigger moron, intentional bombings aimed at civilians, are by definition terroristic acts…

Bombing believed to be intentional

Guessing this doesn’t have anything to do with his statements…



When Did Profit Become a Bad Thing?

I get real tired of hearing people saying or implying that profit is a bad thing. Company X is making too much money, CEO Y is overpaid, well you can’t make too much money, almost everyone is paid what their worth, except those in areas on artificially inflated minimum wage areas. 

You don’t ever see those who preach about income inequality giving away their profit, nope it just doesn’t happen. I define personal profit as that money that is not necessary to keep food in your stomach and a roof over your head, everything else is profit, or disposable income, a cell phone cable tv and internet service is not necessary to live, contrary to what you may think, those items are paid for out of your personal profit…

You get paid what you are worth, fast food workers are paid minimum wage, because there is not a lot of mental power required to flip burgers, or make French fries, anyone can be trained in very little time to do that job, and since there is a large pool of people able to that job, so until you do something to increase you value in the job market, you can plan on making somewhere near minimum wage, and an employer would be stupid to do otherwise…


Age old question answered

I believe this answers the age old question…

Bear in woods

Just Say’n


Doing what they do

I walked down the road from the hotel, to an area  where you can watch planes do what planes do, and I sit here thinking if the amount of infrastructure it takes to operate just one airport and all the associated costs, and you wonder why airline tickets are not like a minimum of $8,000, and it’s even more amazing that I can fly from RDU Raleigh Durham round trip for about $100 less then it costs to take the train, and on top of it being  about 5 hours quicker.


Now when you ride the train you see all kinds of deteriorating infrastructure all the stations are crap they are almost always late…

so what is the big difference here could it be that Amtrak is run by the federal government  as another social experiment and the airlines are all businesses built to make profit to keep their stockholders happy