Chargers Continue to Suck

As I watch the Saint whoop up on the Giants, 21 to 3 Saints at the half…

As  I watch Darren Sproles give Drew Brees extra dimension, I wonder where the Chargers would be had they not been so stupid and let Sproles go…

WTF is wrong with Phil Rivers, does he want to go somewhere else so he can get a ring, because that seems the only way for a charger to get a ring…

We need to replace Norv Turner and AJ Smith, it should be obvious that Marty Schottenheimer wasn’t the problem, He’s got that awesome UFL Championship Ring, except he’s got to pay for it himself because I not sure the UFL or the Destroyers can afford it…


Punkin Chunkin is Suckin

We decided to make a trip to the world championship of punkin chunkin this weekend, thinking it would be a good time, and just stupid fun. It turned out to be a massive disappointment.
This had to be the most poorly organized event I’ve ever been to, and I would highly recommend that you watch it on TV instead of actually going to the event.
To begin with, it took well over an hour to make it to the parking lot, and then another 45 minutes following the directions of a crew of morons in the parking area that had no idea on how to park a lot of cars in the shortest amount of time. Filling one row,and then having the next row back in in front of the previous row is not the way to make things flow smoothly.
Then as you walk through the recently harvested cornfield, you notice the long lines at every group of porta potties, theme that will continue throughout the day, because if you like lines, you’ll love punkin chunkin, because there are lines for everything, except beer, because they don’t sell any there! There are lines, EVERYWHERE!!!!
The PA announcer in a word annoying, uninformed and annoying, fingernails on a chalkboard annoying! The twit was talking like everyone was within a hundred yards of him, when the event spreads out about a half a mile or so from his vantage point, but he was very good at letting you know what happened a minute or so ago. He would constantly mention the pit X was getting ready to launch, but no where could you find anything to identify pit X.

Line for restroom at punkin chunkinHere is a sample of a line