Chargers Fail

The San Diego Chargers lost what is essentially their final game of the season, Unless you count the pathetic bowl at Mile high next Sunday.
The Chargers special teams, have plagued the chargers all season, if there is a bright spot in Sundays loss, was that it was not special teams, this weeks failure was a team effort.
The level of play on Sunday was pathetic, and I’m guessing that in the coming post season, the wholesale changes that need to happen in special teams won’t happen.
I am amazed that the special teams coaches survived week 4, but they did, as for the players ther should also be a significant shake up there as well, the punting unit failed their punter Scifres almost every week, by making sure he abused by the opposing return unit, I’m amazed that he didn’t just quit the team around week 4…
The Chargers have tremendous talent, going into the future, and I hope that next year is better.

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