Nikon P6000 Unhappiness…

So I have been putting my Nikon P6000 through its paces for the past couple weeks, and I am pretty happy with it for the most part, except for 2 things….

The battery life on this when using the GPS and an Eye-Fi card is abysmal, and that would not be an issue if the battery didn’t take forever to charge. Of course Nikon doesn’t provide a real charger, the battery has to be charged in the camera, unless you have the optional $30 MH-61 charger, which I understand only takes about an hour or so to fully charge the battery, then to make things easy I’ll probably end up getting another battery as well. There are a couple things that add to this problem, internally the camera get get hot with the Eye-Fi card, and since it is right next to the battery it makes the battery too hot to charge for about 20 minutes.

The other thing that annoys me is that there is no easy way to close the lens and keep the camera on, something like a standby mode. There are a couple of reasons this would be nice, keeping the GPS happy, because it makes me unhappy when I have to wait a minute or 2 for the GPS to sync because the camera has shut off and lost sync, it doesn’t happen all the time only when it is inconvenient. A stand by mode would also be nice to deal with things like the Eye-Fi card, the D90 and D5000 have a setting to tell the camera to not go to sleep until the Eye-Fi card is done doing its uploads.

Other then those 2 issues, the P6000 is a great little camera, and it fits the bill when an SLR is too much.

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