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Sirius-ly Stupid…

It is obvious to me that there is absolutely no drug testing going on at Sirius, for talent or management, maybe for the technical staff, because they seem to be the only ones that are doing anything right at sirius. 

I have been pummeled all freaking day with COMMERCIALS on commercial free Sirius, about the freaking superbowl coverage, 13 channels in 10 languages. 10 languages you have to be kidding me. So I wandered over to the sirius web site to find out what 10 languages were talking about here, so here is the breakdown.

  • 4 Channels in English, 1 of those in the Queens english.
  • 1 Channel in Spanish, understandable considering the number of spanish speaking NFL fans.
  • 1 Channel in Russian, huh, how many Russian speaking sirus subscribers are there
  • 1 Channel in French, same question??
  • 1 Channel in Japanese, same question??
  • 1 Channel in German, same question??
  • 1 Channel in Italian, same question??
  • 1 Channel in Mandarin Chinese, same question??
  • 1 Channel in Hungarian say what, there are only 1.5 million hungarians in the US or one half of one percent of the US population
  • And 1 Channel in Flemish W.T.F.

First things first, no offense to the flemish people.
I did the numbers here, and here is break down, and yes I did some creative math, because flemish is not a number the U.S. Census tracks, so I used Belgium, and since Flanders (Flemish people come from Flanders) occupies the Northern half of  Belgium, and the CIA factbook says so, I make the assumption that 58% of the belgium people speak flemish. According to the 2000 census there were 384,531 people of Belgian ancestry living in the U.S. and 58% of that is 223,028 people of Flemish ancestry. So we now figure in that roughly 6.7% of the U.S. population or 20Mil, are currently Sirius subscribers, gives us a total of 14,943 people in this country that are of Flemish ancestry and potentially Sirius subscribers, and I am guessing that the number of them that actually speak or understand Flemish is a lot lower then that, then how many of them are football fans, and will actually be listening to the game. My guess is somewhere around 5, 6 tops…

Looking at the numbers has brought another question, why Flemish, when there are twice as many Finnish people, and three times as many Czech, and there are more polish then Russian, French or Flemish…

It comes down to the issue, that a company in Sirius’ financial shape should not be spending any money, no matter how little it costs, and annoying subscribers in San Francisco or Seattle by preempting their traffic and weather to cover the Superbowl in Flemish, because I’m guessing that there are more people listening to traffic and weather in San Francisco and Seattle, then there will be Flemish people listening to the Superbowl


Not AroundMe

So on my drive up to Philly, around Salsbury MD, I decided that I wanted some coffee, along the lines of a “Triple Venti Mocha”, but I wanted something besides Starbucks (FYI there is a grand total of 1 Starbucks on the eastern shore). So I grabbed my handy iPhone and launched “AroundMe” and looked up coffee, digging thru the many Dunkin Donuts, there were several choices. Two were way out of my way, one was right off the freeway, but it was closed weekends, and the two others that were listed were/are apparently out of business, phone disconnected. I decided to extend the the search further North, when the only thing that pops up is the Starbucks in Seaford, the same Starbucks that closed about 6 months ago.
This puts my faith in “AroundMe” in question, as the one time I really needed it, going to try a few lookups around areas I know and try again, but 6 month old data makes me question the data.

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Sirius-ly Disappointed

First things first….

I am a Sirius subscriber, a Sirius stock holder, a Sirius XM merger supporter, and a sucker!

I have fair amount of Sirius stock. that I paid about $2.50 to $3.00 a share, and at if I were to sell it all now, I think I could pay for  couple months subscriptions and may have enough left over for a triple vente mocha, but I might have to settle for a grande. They handled the merger so freaking badly, they should have taken the music programming from the XM side of the house, and fired all the DJ’s and just stuck with the automation that XM had. I am tired all the freaking cross promotion going on, isn’t that essentially a commercial? As far as talk and entertainment goes, they should have kept the Sirius side and dumped all the crap on XM, “The Best of XM” now thats a joke in itself, maybe if they paid me the $4.04 per month I’d allow them to put that crap on my radio, as long as I didn’t have to listen to it. It would be real interesting to see the head to figures of best of XM against the best of Sirius. And why in the F*** don’t I have MLB on Sirius.

Then I see this the other day”Rumor: Price increases to come for Sirius XM ” which essentially says that additional radios are going to go up $2 a month, and online listening will now be $2.99, now since I currently have 5 radios and also listen online, I think know I’ll be cutting back in that quantity to one radio and one online account. That will essentially be a loss of $25.00 per month times 1, and I am sure I am not the only one.

This is NOT what Mel Karmazin at all those hearings, in fact he said exactly the opposite, more choices and lower prices.

WHen it comes to the  stock price, how much longer until we hear the imortal words


Rumors and Crack Reporters

I guess since the announcements at MacWorld were so flat and unimpressive, and I guess the need to be thought of as an insider we seeing this, but I guess it could have some basis in reality, apple does live in that ~18 month cycle.

As realistic as the MacMini may be, I laughed when I saw this cover at my local Books-A-Million when I saw this cover.


The headline “Apple’s Next Big Thing?” with the subtitle “Four Mind Blowing Products that Steve could reveal at Mac Expo 2009”

I don’t recall of ever hearing of the publication before, but I think I have found the Mac equivalence to the world weekly news…

I can hardly wait for the the Bat Boy eats Steve’s Brain, and becomes CEO…

I Miss Bat Boy…



Rough Week…

Been a rough week…

Monday. had to go to my favorite place on the planet, Falls Church. While I am getting ready to fight South bound traffic on I95 I get a call from my Wife, and I find out that while we thought my son had the Flu, it was actually turning out to be appendicitis, ends up at one Hospital, and a CAT scan shows that it is on the verge of rupturing. mean while my son (12) is all kinds of pissed off that he has to go through all this crap, for something he doesn’t need… Getting reports all the way down from my wife on her fading fast cell. I make it to the Hospital moments before he goes into surgery. Long story short he’s pretty much all better, needs to take it easy for 5 weeks, not an easy task for a twelve year old…

At work got a bunch of of moves going on, bosses are tweaking that its not going to happen on time. 

Glad its over…