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Earthscape 2.0

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the iPhone application earthscape, and since then they have upgraded to version 2.0 available on iTunes

They did a lot of nice improvements on the user interface, making it a lot easier to navigate, instead of being spread across several pages, it is all on one main page.

There is a noticeable in the camera control, I did several tests, on the shutter timing to the shutter sound effect, and it is pretty close. On the old version, it seemed that it would take several seconds (3 or 4) after the completion shutter sound effect for the picture to actually be taken, in version 2.0 it seems like the image is done very shortly (< 1 second) after the shutter sound effect.

It also looks like there is an improvement in upload speeds, driving in areas of little or no coverage like Eure North Carolina, no matter what they say there is NO at&t coverage in Eure.

This picture  was taken several hours before it was actually uploaded, and it is within feet on the map of where the picture was take, and this was done while the iPhone indicated “No Service” and earthscape reported that it was unable to contact the server. 

This picture  was taken pretty much where earthscape is reporting it was taken.

I still am having an occasional application crash, usually when uploading a picture, even though the app crashed, it seems the picture gets uploaded about half the time.

It would also be nice to have some documentation, the intro video doesn’t quite cut it.


MNF Scheduling

I am trying to figure out who at the NFL or ESPN thought that San Francisco at Arizona would be an marquee game.  On what planet over the past few years does an NFC West match up matter to anyone, then add to that add the crack ESPN Broadcast team, and you have a recipe for making Dancing With the Stars a must see.

I remember when the NFL would make the Monday Night game schedule based on the prior year standings, but now it seems that MNF is one of those things that every team gets to do once every couple of years instead of earning it. I guess it is true parity in the NFL, making all fans suffer through a game covered by  Tony Kornheiser….

By the way Tony, the comb over isn’t working, and hasn’t been for a long time…


I am so glad I got the Sirius working in the house again, sweet relief 🙂

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Earthscape Errors

Daliesque MacBook Pro

Daliesque MacBook Pro


I have been playing with earthscape for a while now and I still think it is pretty cool app, but needs some work, and a couple of days ago I talked about these errors, but didn’t have any details. Well I made a trip up to DC and had some issues with the accuracy, as well as some in the office this morning…

Here is an example of a picture that is right on, standing still in a Starbucks parking lot…

This picture was taken real close to the location on the map, but not uploaded for a while (Maybe an hour), because of crappy coverage, I had several EDGE bars, but data was not moving to the earthscape servers.

Sitting at a signal light 4 3G bars of coverage, I get this

Here is an example of the moving vehicle issue. This picture was taken while going over the Rappahannock river, but the earthscape app puts me a mile down the road…

Then we have this picture which was taken about 30 feet from this picture and neither are correct.

This picture and this picture were taken at the exact same place, yet are miles apart.

It seems to me that unlike the way the iPhone Camera app works by GPS tagging the picture when it is taken, the earthscape app doesn’t do that and as far as I can tell the picture isn’t GPS tagged until the “Use Photo” button is pushed. The question is then why doesn’t earthscape tag the picture as soon as it is taken, because they don’t I checked, unless they decided to .

Just to clarify I do understand how GPS works, and limitations when under cover etc…, but the same device in the same environment should have the same error regardless of application.

Annoying media

Lions and Tigers and Holograms Oh My…

CNN has taken the media crap level to a new low
Their whiz bang hologram, is just stupid, but I am sure that the typical CNN viewer is getting all excited and call the neighbors asking if they saw the magic on the moving picture box. Anyone impressed by this, probably wonders how they move the yellow first down line on football broadcasts.
Then there is the pain of watching talking heads trying to navigate a touch screen aka “Magic Wall” with way to much information on it. It was to funny watching this guy going up on his tip toes while the screen is not responding to his input, the only thing that would have made it funnier is for the thing to blue screen right there on national TV.

Come on CNN, you have all those technology people behind the scenes who’s job it is to make the magic, instead of the pain of watching the talking heads stumble through the menus. Had I known there was the potential comedy effect, I would have broken out some beer and enjoyed.

It is interesting to note the there is a substantial number of Cisco Telepresence commercials.


How fitting

How fitting is it to have a crunched Tesla on CrunchGear997AF3F6-F381-4E00-9090-21A5C8F51781.jpg

Crunched Tesla