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I have been kind of playing with the Earthscape for the last month or so.

I have been doing a bit of posting as is evidenced here.

The app itself, is farily cool, but still has some issues. The biggest issues are that it is buggy and crashes while tagging pictures for upload, there is a timing issue for the time you hear the snapshot sound effect and when the actual picture is captured, and I’m pretty sure this one is on Earthscape but I do see a lot of times that the location and what is reported are far apart, and very far apart in GPS terms.

I have not been able to replicate the conditions of the crashes, but it seems to be when the keyboard is opening, and even though it is annoying, it only happens once every couple days, so it isn’t a deal breaker.
The timing issue is probably the biggest annoyance, if you hit the button to take the picture, you hear the camera sound, but as far a I can tell the picture is not actually taken until a short time after you hear the sound, pretty annoying.

I don’t really know if it is earthscape, or the iPhone, but it seems that there can be a large difference in where the picture was actually taken, and where the posting says the picture was taken. I have seen this issue in still shots as well as shots taken at highway speed. This example show an error of roughly a mile from where the shot was taken on the Maryland/Virginia Border, and where it is reported. Then there is this stationary example that puts an office building in Falls Church Virginia, in a freight facility at San Francisco International Airport. Or this more realistic one that is about 2 or 3 miles from where the picture was actually taken.

Earthscape is a huge battery drain, and I have seen where it will draw more then my car charger will spit out, so keep that in mind if using it when you are far away from a power source. Maybe I’ll do a test to see how fast it does drain the batteries, as compared to google maps.

I think I’ll mess with it for a while longer, gives me something to do on my irregular road trips to D.C. and Philadelphia….



So it only took a global economic downturn, and yes I’d like to see the Dow above 10,000, but….

$2.89 works for me!!!!


Does Anyone Actually Buy Browsers Anymore…

I am still scratching my head over this one…

I saw this the other day come across TUAW OmniWeb 5.8 released, and I had to ask the question.  

Does anyone actually pay for web browser anymore?


I Thought They Were Joking…

When I first read about the iPhone Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program, I saw the part about returning the old unit, but I didn’t think they were serious. I received my new adapter today, and it came in a way to large box considering the size of the adapter, and it also came with instructions on returning the potentially defective adapter.


Ultracompact USB Power Adapter, Ultra Large Box
Ultracompact USB Power Adapter, Ultra Large Box

I am kind of conflicted here as a stockholder in AAPL, replacing and removing all the potentially dangerous units from the street, is probably a good thing, preventing potential lawsuits, because some twit thought it was a good idea to pry the broken blade out with a fork. The thing is that I think they could have come up with a better way of handling, like maybe some bubble wrap and and an envelope, or just not require the return of the adapter, a simple disclaimer along the lines of “Destroy the old adapter, continued use may cause serious Injury or death”, but that would put responsibility in the hands of the end user…

The other thing is that I don’t recall entering a Credit Card when I submitted the paper work, but I did have to enter the iPhone’s serial number etc… so I guess they could get me through AT&T or the iTunes store.