In-N-Out it Ain’t…

With the demise of Diego’s we had to make a decision on where to eat, and since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to try 5 guys burgers. I have heard from several people that 5 guys is just like In-N-Out. I have taken those types of recommendations with a rain of salt. Now after having actually eaten there, I can say that they are only like In-N-Out, in the fact that they use fresh meat, and cut their own fries, that where the comparison  ends.

The service was horrible, we waited at the counter for over 5 minutes, before anyone acknowledged our presence, and he seemed bothered that we were there. The place was near empty with only 3 of 12+ tables occupied, and no one else in line. Then there was the 20+ minute wait for the food, and I understand that fresh food takes more time to cook, then the microwave at fast food places, but 20+ minutes for a burger… I could understand it if the place was packed, but it wasn’t.

The burgers were not that great, it seems that they are trying for a char grilled taste, by essentially burning the meat, almost to the point it had no taste. The fries had they not been over cooked would have probably been almost as good as In-N-Out.

The overdone wallpapering of the walls with up to 6+ year old reviews was really lame, I guess they are going for the power of suggestion there, and being as the most recent was going on 2 years old, could indicate a trend. They may have been better, but you couldn’t prove it to me tonight.

The drive from Pungo to Haygood used to be worth it to go to Diego’s, but it isn’t anymore. As we were driving up Independence my Wife and I both agreed, we should have gone to Sonic, a better burger at half the cost.


Demise of Dining at Diego’s

Well a little taste of home is gone…

We would regularly make the trip across town to have a Saturday lunch or dinner at Diego’s Taco Shop on Independence. It was nothing fancy, just real good Southern California Mexican food, which is not a real easy find here in Southeast Virginia… It had all the makings of a typical San Diego taco shop, except for the fact that all the staff spoke English, and I doubt any of them could speak Spanish…

Now there are a lot of Mexican food places in town, but only three, I consider any good, and Diego’s was on the top of my list, Pelon’s is a close second, but they are at the Oceanfront, and I hate that hassle in the summer,  El Taqueria San Jose Restaurant is my third choice, for no particular reason. Actually all three are real close in my book. I have tried most of the other places in the Virgina Beach area, and they aren’t even in the same league….

I guess the thing I liked best about Diego’s was the atmosphere, or lack of, the place was just like the places back in San Diego, in an old Taco Bell, with a paint job, no theme, nothing fancy, just good food…

Diego’s you will be missed…


iPod Annoyances

So I have upgraded iPod’s significantly, going from a gen1 and gen2 shuffle to an iPod touch and an iPod Classic 160. I love the shuffles simplicity, I love the touches complexity, innovation and technology, and I love the Classics storage, but I have some complaints. Nothing like one review I read complaining that the touch didn’t have a phone, really now, I think they call the iPod touch with a phone an iPhone…

So lets start with the iPod touch…
The thing I find most annoying about the iPod touch, is the way it handles video. All the menus are in portrait mode, and all the videos play in landscape. I know it is kind of petty to whine about something like that, but all the twisting back and forth could give a person carpal tunnel (I’m expecting that lame lawsuit to be filed any day). Why couldn’t they handle the video menus like cover flow? The other thing is give me the option to enter a password in clear text, instead of bullets, I haven’t used the thing enough to get the keyboard down pat yet. One cool thing I have found that I can use wifi without ever losing coverage when walking my dog, due to the number of unlocked wireless access points in my neighborhood.

On to the iPod Classic…
To date I have over a thousand songs on my iPod Classic, and growing everyday. There are a lot of songs i don’t want to listen to at any given time, thats why I have and use play lists, but I don’t necessarily want to listen to them in order. this is where the shuffle feature comes in, or at least you’d think so. I have looked in the documentation, and played with the device, and you can only shuffle all the songs, or a particular album, why not the ability to shuffle a play list. I do like having the ability to be able to move around very large files.

All in all I think they are both great gadgets and in some ways great tools.


Norv Sucks Less

Well after 2 straight conference wins, I am moving from the Norv totally sucks to the Norv sucks less camp. Well at least he’s at .500, which is better then his career record. The Chargers are off this week,so he can’t blow it this week. We got Houston coming up next week, and that should be a cake walk, and then we have Minnesota who are looking ok. The big challenge  comes in week 10 with Indy coming to town, possibly off of their first loss of the season, it could be interesting, with the last meeting the Chargers ruining the Colts undefeated 05 season, they may want some payback.
If the Chargers end up week 10 at 6 and 3 I’ll be firmly in the Norv doesn’t suck camp, and possibly in the Norv ain’t half bad camp.



Well the Chargers kicked some Denver Butt in week 5,and broke and tied some team long stanging team road records to go along with it.
The question now is Are the 06 Chargers back despite Norv, or did Norv pull his head out of his rear, and open up Martie’s playbook, and let a very talented team go out and do what they do best, win football games…

I was very happy in the first quarter with 2 scores in 11 seconds, but I was still worried, a the Chargers record in Denver is not the greatest, and Denver losing 2 straight at home is not something that happens that often.

I am still not sold on Norv, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If the Chargers come out next week, and do the same thing next Sunday to Oakland that they did to Denver, I’ll start having some faith in Norv, who needs to go something like 26 and 0 to get to a .500 record.

Come on Norv give us a reason to believe in you, and that Dean and A.J. made the right choice…

GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!