Blackberry VS. Rollercoasters

I took my family to Kings Dominion last weekend, and I had my blackberry with me, cell phones work great when you go to a place like that and you split up.
The blackberry survived the abuse for the most part, except the battery, apparently the shock load was a little bit to much. The little red X’s near the battery terminals are gone, and it is now all red. I always thought that those may have been G Indicators, they just looked that way.
The battery life used to be pretty good, lasting  2 or 3 days with light use, usually showing 30% after the second day,  but now it barely lasts a day.
So I now have my own Blackberry mishap story. I have heard a lot, when I managed a fairly large Blackberry enterprise server, everything from falling into a bowl of Shrimp Cocktail sauce, to getting run over by a lawnmower, to falling into various bodies of water, all of which caused immediate failure of the device. I have also heard several stories that attest to the strength of the devices, like falling and bouncing down several decks of a ship, and still operating.
I guess it just goes showm Blackberries are for work, not play…

I recently heard that in 2006, 30,000 blackberries in Europe were dropped in toilets.

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