San Diego Chargers Problems

Well it is looking like the Chargers are right on track to have a typical Norv Turner season.
How does a 14 and 2 team go to 1 and 2, and that one win was really ugly.

I think that the GM A.J. Smith should be relegated to making deals, and have nothing else to do with the coaching staff, I think that he is brilliant in wheeling and dealing part of the operation, but he needs to be removed from anything that has to do with game itself. The team is mostly intact from the 2006 season, and the only real change has been in the coaching staff, which by all appearances is hand picked by AJ.

As far as Norv Turner goes, I think the number speak for themselves 58 and 82


Blackberry VS. Rollercoasters

I took my family to Kings Dominion last weekend, and I had my blackberry with me, cell phones work great when you go to a place like that and you split up.
The blackberry survived the abuse for the most part, except the battery, apparently the shock load was a little bit to much. The little red X’s near the battery terminals are gone, and it is now all red. I always thought that those may have been G Indicators, they just looked that way.
The battery life used to be pretty good, lasting  2 or 3 days with light use, usually showing 30% after the second day,  but now it barely lasts a day.
So I now have my own Blackberry mishap story. I have heard a lot, when I managed a fairly large Blackberry enterprise server, everything from falling into a bowl of Shrimp Cocktail sauce, to getting run over by a lawnmower, to falling into various bodies of water, all of which caused immediate failure of the device. I have also heard several stories that attest to the strength of the devices, like falling and bouncing down several decks of a ship, and still operating.
I guess it just goes showm Blackberries are for work, not play…

I recently heard that in 2006, 30,000 blackberries in Europe were dropped in toilets.


VMware Fusion Annoyance

Well I was pretty excited when VMware Fusion came out, I’ve been messing with it since the early beta days. I had both Fusion and Parallels installed on my iMac, and when I got my MacBook Pro, I decided that I would run Parallels on the iMac and Fusion on the MacBook. I did tend to spend more time Parallels then fusion, because I was using it for work, and I didn’t need the aggravation of messing with a beta product while doing serious work. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like VWares products.
So as I started using Fusion seriously on the MacBook, I kept getting the familiar bonk sound when something isn’t quite right, and I noticed that whenever the mouse lost focus of the VMware window, so would the keyboard, like in the old X windows days. I never had this issue with VMware running on Windows or Linux host environments
only with Fusion on the Mac.
I looked through all of the documentation and Knowledge Base articles, but the only thing I could find is referencing the  “Grab Input” command, which I had already tried with no luck.
This is really annoying, and I’m thinking on dumping Fusion and dropping another $80 on a another copy of Parallels, at least until the product matures a little more. I have no desire to run in full screen mode, I could have gone with bootcamp, and while unity mode is nice, I like to keep the windows stuff in a window.